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What are pheromones

Male pheromone Androstenol is a synthetic derivative of the male pheromones. Female pheromone Androstenone is a synthetic analogue of the female pheromones. These pheromones are produced in the areas of human’s armpits, nasolabial folds and inguen. The synthetic pheromones enhance the signals of own human’s pheromones which excretion reduces with age.

It is necessary to remark that real pheromones could be contained in high quality perfume only, because obtaining and producing pheromones requires big investments so only large enterprises can afford to do that.

You think it is impossible to fake pheromones. Yes, it is impossible to fake it, but it is possible not to add it to perfume or toilet water at all, and to declare that it is added, or it is possible to declare as pheromones as a traditional perfume supplement such as 2-ACETYLTHIOPINE which lots of manufacturers  often present as a real pheromone. So with a view to not being cheated it is better to choose products  of a large  company that has proved reliable which can certainly afford real pheromones - quite expensive substances indeed. As a rule such manufacturers offer not only one item but a complete perfume product line.