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Lubricant with a water-based effect of UNEX 50 ml

Lubricant Unex water-based lubricant with a stimulating effect
Greater popularity with the lubricant with the excitatory effect of UNEX water-based. Its texture is so soft and silky, like a natural lubricant, it causes uncontrollable sexual desire. Due to the unique formula and substances contained in the lubricant, the blood circulation of the genitals of both partners is normalized. The partner “starts up” twice as fast, the probability of a multiple orgasm increases. Perfectly moisturizes the skin of intimate places, increases the comfort of intimate relationships, sharpens erotic sensations, increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones. Creates frequent interest and pleasure in sex. All your pleasant sensations are collected in one tube of lubricant (lubricant) UNEX!

Effectively protects against chafing and irritation. Safe to use with rubber, latex and devices designed to diversify and sharpen sexual sensations. It is transparent, does not leave stains, has a pleasant faint aroma. Contraindications to the use of not identified. Individual sensitivity is possible.

Especially recommended for men and women suffering from weak irritability and zyanyatym intense and mental activity.

How to use: Apply to the skin of the genital organs before sexual intercourse. When using additional devices for intimate use, the lubricant is applied to the product immediately before use.

Storage conditions: Store locked.
Avoid direct sunlight. Volume 50 ml.