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Private Label

RosParfum Ltd. provides mutually beneficial terms and invites chain retailers for long-term cooperation. Company offers the following services: 
- dosing/pouring of various cosmetic products; 
- dosing/pouring of perfume, etc.; 
- dosing/pouring of salicylic, acetone alcohol and acetone-free liquids; 
- packing of solid products; 
- confection of liquids in sachets, etc. 

With a help of modern high-tech equipment it became possible to produce various types of packing for a wide range of consumer products. 

Competitive products produced for well-known brands such as Natura, Loton, Eveline Cosmetics, Vipera, etc. have strategically important advantage – a flexible pricing policy. 
Nowadays, products are exported to following countries Germany, Holland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and others. 

Contact RosParfum 
43, Verhnaya Pervomayskaya street, Moscow 

Phones: +7(499)164-75-04; +7(495)290-35-87